Modern Websites

This is not really a project, just my opinion on how modern websites should be done.

Doing Erata.NET website I've learned the advantages of using strict XHTML ( 1.1 ) and CSS. Web design is getting closer to programing this way. You have a modular structure, an easy to follow document layout on witch you can apply styles with CSS. I'm not much of a designer and I'm happy with this style of web design because it allows me to create the structure of the website and use the style-sheets that a real designer can provide.

This site was mostly tested using firefox, but should look the same in any standards compliant browser. From what I've seen in Internet Explorer there are a few thing that don't look exactly the same, but i consider it a waste of time to try to fight browser stupidity. As long as you are using a bad browser you will be able to use this website, just don't complain if some things don't look that good.

This is it for now, until I'll find the time and resources to write an "how to start with XHTML & CSS" but I'd like to recommend to anyone to take the time to understand and learn how this technologies work.