.NET Serialization Choices - Raven.Json

This post is an addition to .NET Serialization Choices post.

I've added to the SerializationTests Project the new serialization implementation in Raven.Json.

The Raven.Json Serializer is an extension to Newtonsoft Json.NET serializer and as expected the results are similar. Also the Pros & Cons are similar:


Optimized DOM for Newtonsoft Json.NET

Pro: JSON Based, human readable, platform independent , fast, passes almost all the tests except the ones where the message has public readonly fields that have dirrerent names from the constructor parameters.

Cons: Without automatic testing, naming a constructor parameter different from the field can cause hard to notice bugs where certain fields are not deserialized. It should however be possible to write a deserializer based on the existing one which throws an exception if there are doubts when deserializing.