ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET just got plesent

I've been really busy the last months with the new job where we use c#. I've grown found to it ... it has a lot of nice features ... lambda expressions, anonymous types, generic types. Sure there are a lot of thing that can be improved like real generic types ( aka C++ templates ) but it's a really reliable tool.

In the past I've worked on a few ASP.NET applications and I've not enjoyed it very much ( actually every time I've used it i promised myself not to use it again ) ... until now. I've heard of ASP.NET MVC witch is supposed to be a different way of developing web applications in .NET and after a few months of using it I can only say ... ya baby ... finally a nice way to use c# and .NET to do web apps.

If you get the chance give it a go... it's worthed.