I'm becoming a fan boy

I could not resist anymore and i've bought a mac. I've been contemplating with the idea of getting a laptop lately and the mac book air was always coming at the top of the search results.

Finally i could not delay it anymore and one morning i wake up, went to the apple store, paid 2000$ and got the all new shiny 13 inch Mac Book Air.

My expectations were to get some good and reliable hardware, with a toy OS where i can use bootcamp to run windows 7 for everything. Boy was i in for a surprise.

The hardware is not good - its 10 levels above good, it extraordinary, everything just works great, from wake up time which is practically zero to install mono develop and create my first asp.net app with mono in less than 1 minute. I don't care what anybody says apple is light years ahead the competition when is comes to hardware quality and especially design. Everything just fits together and leaves you the feeling that somebody has invested a good amount of thought in every little aspect of the product.

Now comes the true surprise: Mac OS X 10.7.3 Lion - my first OS X system.

Mac OS X Lion

I don't even know where to begin - it took me less than a minute to make a screen shot of the above window ( command-shift-4, space, click window ) and drag it in the MarsEdit that i'm using to write this. I was writing an email in italian and i'm terrible at writing italian and i notice that iMail starts correcting my words in proper italian - without ever configuring anything related to italian. I was able to setup email accounts without any frustration, setup all IM accounts, twitter, vpn, RSS reader and everything i use daily without having to spend a lot of time google for it or trying to guess what it is that i'm supposed to do.

I've completely renounced at the idea of using bootcamp to run windows. Sure i'll install parallels or vmware to run a VM with windows mostly for Visual Studio, but for now i'm in no hurry to do that.

Final word: If you tried it already you have most probably switched to OS X, if you have not tried it and you have the $$ go for it and you will enjoy a new way of using a computer.

I'll just enjoy the honeymoon with my new powerful "toy".

*UPDATE: *and then i found parallels with coherence ... and i still don't believe this it true ... i run visual studio like any other mac app. Somehow i've been in this field for more than 15 years and i just discover this now... and i don't think there is any going back. There is absolutely no reason for to use anything else. And this comes from someone who has used FreeBSD as a main OS for years. Again - if you have the money, it will blow your mind, don't hesitate another minute.

Hopefully i'll keep the posts coming.